Beyond Bait Pump - Portable Live Bait Aerator

  • WHATS INCLUDED: Air tube, XL air stone, protective plastic case for water resistance/longer life, water resistant seal, and stainless steel clip to attach to any bucket
  • 2 SPEED BUBBLE ACTION- If you're in need of lots of bubbles, simply flip the switch to the high mode to activate the most bubble output. If you need to conserve battery life or have less bait in the bucket, turn to speed 1 for less bubbles!
  • XL AIR BUBBLE STONE: Our custom made Beyond Bubble stones is large than most traditional bubblers stones to create the most amount of bubbles in the water, and to ensure it sinks to the bottom of the bucket for max air coverage. Your bait will feel the effects immediately and lead to longer bait life! 
  • WATER RESISTANT DESIGN: Our bubbler housing includes a built in water resistant seal to keep water out of the motor and protect the heart of your bubbles. This leads to less rust, longer life of this bubbler, and catching more fish! We also include a plastic customer to keep the bubbles in while fishing for an added layer of water resistance and longer life. 
  • RUNS ON 1 D BATTERY: Get up to 30 hours of bubble time with just 1 D battery (batteries not included)

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