About Us

Who is Beyond Braid?

With over 25 years of Fishing experience, Beyond Braid is an American company based out of Miami, Florida. Our Braided Line ships right from our warehouse in Miami Gardens, Florida. We specialize in E-Commerce, and we ensure you will have a smooth experience shopping on our website.

Why Beyond Braid?

Beyond Braid was born out of the desire to create a better braided fishing line for every angler. Period. Whether you fish for bass in your backyard lake in Ohio, or tournament fish for Marlin in Costa Rica, our goal is to provide you with a braided fishing line that will succeed for every application.

Not only does our line perform better than our competition, we are willing to bet it looks better to the eye as well. Our Camo Braided Line series is a high performance braided line that will catch you more fish and keep your wallet happy. With some of the most competitive pricingaround, we want our line on your reels!


Our Braided Line ships right from our warehouse in Miami Gardens, Florida. We look to find the fastest and safest method to ship your line. Depending on where you live, shipping is estimated to take 2-5 business days. We only use USPS, the most reliable shipping company in the USA!

What Sets Us Apart?

After countless hours of research, development and years of angling experience, we have improved and constructed a braided line to the market to provide the ultimate strength to diameter thickness ratio for smooth and quiet performance. No stretch properties provide incredible sensitivity to instantly detect bites or structure.


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