Line Spooling Assistant

Do you ever struggle to put on line? Look no further as this spooling assistant makes putting line on your reel simple and easy!

With a high quality suction cup on the bottom, this spooling assistant will stick to almost any surface. Simply secure your spool, and reel in the line with ease!

  • EASY 1 PERSON SPOOLING- Allows you to spool all of your fishing reels with just one person. The purpose of this spooler is that you can hook up your spool of fishing line, tighten the sides down for maximum tension and resistance, and make spool your reels a breeze by yourself. No need for pencils through spools, buckets of water, and a partner to spool up.

  • TIGHTER PACKED LINE- This spooler allows you to adjust the tension on the spool to ensure your fishing line is compacted on your reel correctly. The tighter your line is spooled up, the less chance of tangles you have.

  • DURABLE DESIGN- Made of high-quality material that will last a very long time. The material is durable and strong, and has on overall professional feel. The bottom part of the spooler features a high strength suction cup that will stick to most flat surfaces. This allows you to take your spooler anywhere, and spool on the go.

  • FITS MOST SPOOLS- The adjustable springs fits most spools of fishing line ranging from a little as 300 yards up to 2000 yards of line depending on the size of the spool. But most fishing spools will fit on the spooler since it is adjustable.

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