Beyond Fishing B10 Rod Rack Wall/Ceiling Mount

  • KEY FEATURES-Store up to 5 rods, and 5 combos, easily mounts to your wall vertically and horizontally. Can mount on ceiling as well. Easy install with just two screws on each base. Strong materials to ensure it will last a lifetime.
  • COMPACT DESIGN- B10 will hold 5 combo rods and 5 single rods with ease. Measuring just 17 inches across, our design is meant to store lots of rods in a little space.
  • WALL & CEILING MOUNT- Easily mount to a wall vertically or horizontally. The Foam pops out of the bottom rack enabling you to mount it horizontally on the wall or ceiling. This is perfect for storing your fishing rods in tights spaces.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL- Made from lightweight but tough ABS plastic which is resistant to heat & impact. The wedge shaped EVA Foam is super durable & strong to secure your rods in place to ensure they don’t move. The foam is designed to keep your fishing rods scratch free taking them on and off the rack as many times as you need. It fits rods as thick 13MM.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION- B10 Rod Rack installs with just 2 screws. All you need is a drill or screw driver with a Phillips head. All mounting hardware is included in the box. Its as simple as drilling 2 holes for each piece, and you’re pretty much done!

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