Beyond ICE Braid 100 Yard Spool - Blizzard Blue

Pound Test (LB)
  • REPELS WATER FOR NO FREEZE-UPS- Smooth fluoropolymer & hydrophobic coating keeps resists your line from freezing up. 
  • NO STRETCH FOR EXTREME SENSITIVITY- Braided line PE fibers have no stretch properties which allow you to feel every bite and have instant hooksets increasing your hookup ratio. 
  • 8X STRANDS- Our 8X braid has 8 tightly woven PE fibers for a thinner, smoother, and ultra-performing line. Having 8 strands gives this line a much rounder and more natural feel.
  • ABRASION RESISTANTUltra-strong construction allows you to yank fish out of the toughest & iciest of situations. 

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